Traceable calibration service

Measurement accuracy guarantee.

The ATCP is able to offer it’s tests instruments with traceable Calibration certificate related to the International System of Units.

SI traceable Calibration services.

In the case of new products, the certificate of calibration is provided on demand without additional costs. For calibration updates, ATCP offers this service with competitive prices. The typical execution period is two working days after the test instrument receipt.

Table 1 - ATCP measurement and calibration capacity.
QuantityMeasurement points or referenceMeasuring and Minimum Calibration Capacity (MCC)
Frequency15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 70 e 80 kHz0.1 Hz / 1 ppm @100 kHz
Resistance10000 Ω2 Ω @ 10000 Ω
Voltage0.1, 1 e 5 VDC;1 mVDC @ 5 VDC
Current1 e 10 mADC10 µA @ 1 mA
Capacitance2.2 µF0.1 % @ 2.2 µF
Sound level94 e 114 dB / 1 kHz0.15 dB @ 94 dB
Air humidity40 e 80 % r.h.2.0 % r.h.
Temperature15, 30 e 40 °C 1.2 °C

Please, check on the right for an example of ATCP calibration certificate.