Video lessons on the fundamentals and maintenance of ultrasonic welding machines

Class 1 - Fundamentals: Ultrasonic Welding

In this class, we present the fundamentals of ultrasonic welding, discuss the necessary care with the jointing design and the main steps of the welding process.


Class 2 - Fundamentals: Mechanical analogy and operation modes

In this class we present a mechanical analogy between the acoustic stack and a car. We will also present the operation modes of ultrasonic equipment as well the impedance curve of ultrasonic devices and how to interpret it.


Class 3 - Fundamentals: Tuning and coupling

In this class we explain why tuning and coupling are determining factors for the performance of ultrasonic welding machines.


Class 4 - Maintenance: Predictive maintenance and monitoring

In this class we present how to perform predictive maintenance by monitoring the welding machine in order to early detect deviations and avoid failures.


Class 5 - Maintenance: Preventive maintenance – coupling recover

In this class we focus on the preventive maintenance first step to avoid performance degradation. We recommend procedures and tools to carry out the preventive maintenance efficiently.


Class 6 - Maintenance: Preventive maintenance – Diagnoses and recovering ultrasonic stacks

In this class we focus on preventive maintenance advanced steps to reestablish stacks performance. Additionally, we suggest troubleshooting procedures to identify and recover defective elements.


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