TurboTester® - High speed tachometer and frequency meter

For measuring the rotational speed of dental handpieces and the frequency of ultrasonic scalers.

TurboTester® is a high-speed and precision tachometer for testing dental handpieces for rotational speed and ultrasonic scalers for frequency. It is a contact free instrument suitable for high and low-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and electric motors.

Video of TurboTester® measuring the rotational speed of an air driven high-speed handpiece and the frequency of a dental scaler.

TurboTester® does not require special inserts for dental handpieces testing. To perform the measurement, just bring it close to the handpiece or to the ultrasonic tip. Notes: It may be necessary to magnetize the handpiece with the instrument’s magnet located on the rear side enclosure. The instrument is not able to measure the frequency of scalers with titanium tips.

Technical specifications:
Speed range:From 1.0 to 999.9 kRPM
Speed resolution:± 0.25 kRPM
Frequency range:From 1.00 to 80.00 kHz
Frequency resolution:10 Hz
Uncertainty:±0.48 kRPM / ±8 Hz
Dimensions / weight:95 x 51 x 16 mm / 50 g
Calibratable: Yes
Warranty period:Two-year

Every TurboTester® unit is subjected to strict and meticulous quality control and supplied with a 2-year worldwide warranty. ATCP always keeps units in stock for shipping the next day by courier (UPS, DLH or FedEx).

TurboTester® differentials

High-precision and calibratable test instrument: RPM uncertainty of only ± 0.48 kRPM for the confidence interval of 2σ. We can offer the instrument with traceable to SI and/or accredited calibration certificate (optional service).

Wide frequency range and high-sensibility: Non-contact measurements up to 999.9 kRPM and 80 kHz.

Pocket-size and equipment running under very low power: It is lithium coin-powered (CR 2032) with average lifespan of one year on standby or 1000 uses.

TurboTester® users and applications

  • Dental equipment repair services providers, for testing and quality control.
  • Technicians, for field testing.
  • Manufacturers of dental equipment, for quality control.
  • Dentists, for predictive maintenance.
  • Universities, for research and development.
  • Metrology laboratories, for calibration providing services.