PiezoClamping® - Prestress and charge meter for piezoceramics

For the assembly of ultrasonic transducers and converters with optimal prestress.

PiezoClamping® is a piece of novel equipment to standardizes the prestress on the piezoelectric ceramics, preventing damage in converters and Langevin-type power ultrasonic transducers. Unlike the tightening torque, prestress is a well-known value that depends only on the ceramic type and not on the dimensions and quantities of ceramics, type of bolt, thread finishing and lubrication.

PiezoClamping® overview.

PiezoClamping® is easy to use, accurate and immune to the variations undermining traditional methods of prestress control by torque or charge measurement using a voltmeter.

Prestress with PiezoClamping step 1Prestress with PiezoClamping step 2 Converter assembly with prestress control by applying PiezoClamping®

Simply connect the PiezoClamping, entry the ceramic parameters and tighten the transducer until the desired prestress is achieved. The tightening can be applied slowly and with pauses without affecting the result.

  • PiezoClamping® provides speed control.

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Important note: PiezoClamping® was developed and manufactured by ATCP Physical Engineering. Check out our list of distributors or resellers on the Contact webpage. PiezoClamping® is a registered trademark of ATCP Physical Engineering.

Technical specifications:
Prestress range:From 0.1 to 99.9 MPa.
Electrical charge:From 0.1 to 999.9 μC.
Number of piezoceramics:From 1 to 8 units.
Electrical discharge protection:400W peak pulse at 10/1000μs waveform.
Operation:Stand alone.
Warranty period:Two-year.
Power supply:90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz.
  • What comes in the box.

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Every unit is subjected to strict and meticulous quality control and supplied with a 2-year world-wide warranty. ATCP ships next day to any country served by UPS, DLH or FedEx.

Industries we serve with PiezoClamping®

We are experienced on serve a broad range of industries as listed below.

  • Ultrasonic welder manufacturers
  • Ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Fish finder manufacturers
  • Langevin-type / bolt-clamped transducers manufacturers
  • Research groups
  • R&D departments
  • Sensors manufacturers

PiezoClamping® improves performance, increases lifespan and reduces technical assistance occurrences under warranty.

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PiezoClamping® brochure

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PiezoClamping® manual

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