SonicSniffer® - Non-contact ultrasonic frequency meter

For routine inspection and predictive maintenance of power ultrasonic equipment.

Don’t fly blind! SonicSniffer® allows you to establish an operating frequency baseline for power ultrasonic machines and detects early frequency shifts, indicating the need for preventive maintenance. Routine readings shall alert users that something is not right, possibly avoiding equipment failure and saving expenses with new converters, boosters and horns (sonotrodes).

SonicSniffer® allows measuring the working frequency of acoustic stacks and operating ultrasonic devices.

In general, faults are related to interfaces damage and horn dimensional changes caused by wear and cracks. These problems lead to a gradual shift on the operating frequency that can be early detected by SonicSniffer®. For high grade welding equipment, frequency deviations higher than 0.25% (50 Hz for 20 kHz equipment) indicate the need for preventive maintenance of the ultrasonic stack.

SonicSniffer® measures the frequency based on the ultrasound emitted by the horn. Simply place it close to the horn on the production floor and read the result shown on the display screen (the equipment may be under a continuous or intermittent operating mode). On the first figure above, the pocket spring machine frequency of 19.70 kHz is low, indicating the ultrasonic stack should be tested and reconditioned (probably the mating surfaces are damaged). On the second figure above, the ultrasonic press frequency of 20.19 kHz is high, indicating that the ultrasonic stack should be tested and reconditioned (probably the horn is worn).

Important note: SonicSniffer® was developed and manufactured by ATCP Physical Engineering. Check our list of distributors and resellers on the Contact webpage (OEM customers not listed). SonicSniffer® is a registered trademark of ATCP Physical Engineering.

Technical specifications:
Frequency rangeFrom 1 to 80 kHz, with 10 Hz resolution.
Frequency uncertainty (2σ):± 8 Hz for signals with duration ≥ 0.35 ms.
Noise immunity:≥ 105 dB for the range between 0 and 5 kHz.
Measurement distance:From 1 in. (2.5 cm) to 4 ft. (1.2 m).
Memory:01 (the last effective result).
Size - weight:3/8 x 3/16 x 1/16 in - 1.6 oz. (50 g).
Warranty period:Two-year.

Every SonicSniffer® unit is subjected to strict and meticulous quality control and supplied with a 2-year worldwide warranty. Units are commonly kept in stock for shipping the next day by courier (UPS, DLH or FedEx).

SonicSniffer® differentials

Pocket-size equipment running under very low power: It is lithium coin-powered (CR 2032), with average lifespan of 1-year on standby or 1000 uses

Precision and calibratable test instrument: Frequency uncertainty of only ±8 Hz for the confidence interval of 2σ. We can offer SonicSniffer with traceable to SI (International Systemof Units) and/or accredited calibration certificate (optional service; see certificate example on the right).

Magnetic fixing and memory: Making hands-free measurements possible.

Noise immunity: ≥ 105 dB in the 0-5 kHz range to avoid disturbances by compressed air blowing nearby.

Wide frequency range and high-sensibility: Measurements up to 80 kHz.

Fast and smart: Low latency (0.1 s) and high refresh rate (10 Hz typical). Refined algorithm for measurement validation before it is displayed.

Industries we serve with SonicSniffer®

We are experienced on serving a broad range of industries with SonicSniffer® for predictive maintenance:

  • Auto parts manufacturers;
  • Medical equipment manufacturers;
  • Healthcare industry;
  • Mattress manufacturers;
  • Wire dies manufacturers;
  • White line manufacturers;
  • Footwear manufacturers;
  • Underwear manufacturers;
  • Fishing lures manufacturers;
  • Water and energy meters manufacturers;
  • Ultrasonic additive manufacturing industry.

Note: SonicSniffer® is not suitable for applications involving cavitation because of the white noise, e.g. ultrasonic cleaning systems.

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